Saturday, April 23, 2011

Annapurna circuit part 4 - Numb Bum

21st March

Up at 5:45am, quick wash then grab some breakfast before we were picked up by the Guide and Porter. Seeing 2 Europeans and 2 Nepalis with all the trekking gear crammed into an itsy bitsy tiny white Suzuki taxi must have been a right sight. This was just a short journey across town to where we would catch "the tourist bus" seeing is believing trust me,

Tourist bus with video my arse....

not sure how many where on the bus also if had a seat or not as my knees took some serious damage from the seat in front (especially as the German bloke in the seat in from of me kept sitting forward then slamming back down again).

I don't think he liked the music they was playing

After about 2 hours of bouncing around, near misses, crushed knees and listening to the local top 10 (at full blast, the German in front was under the speaker and ended up putting toilet roll in his ears), it was stop for a stretch etc.. (a dark veil will be placed on the toilet facilities) then it was off again on the dusty roads, noisy hooters and buggered knees. quite funny when the bus would slow down or stop for something as straight away people selling what ever jump aboard then as quick aw they arrive they jump right off again. We then had another stop halfway were we where given some rice dishes (tasted ok and no delli belly from it). this bone shaking, bum numbing, knee crushing journey lasted about 7 hours when we reached Besishahar from which we were then supposed to walk onto Bhubbule but Ratna our guide decided this section was just too dusty as it was part of the road (also stiff as a board) so it was agreed we would stay on board until Bhubbule, after traveling on that dirt road we understood what he meant. At some points the holes and boulders where so bad the bus was rocking like a ship on the high seas.

Finally we arrived at our destination, stiff and bruised. Our rooms simple but decent beds with outside squat toilets and hot showers, food so far enjoyable and nothing has been disgusting. By 7am the sun had gone and most of the starts already bright, it was then time for a little read and sort gear for the morning (setting the alarm for 6am)..

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