Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Final walks before going to Nepal.

With less than a week to go now we thought we’d try and get some more walks in.

First we did a relatively short but hilly walk to the top of Moel Famau to Jubilee Tower and for the first time this year when heading to the tower the weather was great.   

The walk up pleasant and rather busy, with many people out making good use of the good weather.

Clear sky meaning once at the top you could see Liverpool on one side and Snowdonia on the other.

Due to the clear skys and good wind there was quite a few Para-gliders enjoying their sport, though it looked peaceful and fairly safe you still wouldn’t catch me try that.

The next day after an hours drive some on some scary windy roads we parked up and walked into Cwm Eigiau, again a nice clear and pleasant day which made it all the better.

After a couple of miles walking in to the valley we stopped off at the cottage that climbers and walkers use as a base station.

Taking care of all needs

Enjoying the view whilst having a snack

Once fed and watered whilst enjoying the view, further in we walked until we arrived at the old abandoned Slate Mine and a took a look around at the remains of the workers slate houses that they would have built themsleves to live in whilst working in the valley.

Then it was time to walk back to the car park and on the way, we was lucky enough to come across the wild ponies of the valley.

So no more walks until we get to Nepal at the weekend, then it will be non-stop for 3 weeks.  

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