Sunday, February 20, 2011

Windy walk on the Northumberland Coast

For todays little walk we thought we'd pop up to Low Newton by the Sea and walk south all along the coast till we got to Dunstanburgh Castle then turn around and head back...

As it was lunchtime we thought we'd pop into the Ship Inn at Low Newton and had a great Vegetible Soup and hot chocolate...

Once filled and inner bodies warmed it was on to the beach and follow the coast line towards the castle.  No snow or rain this time but the wind sure gave us something to work against.   In quite a short one hour we arrived at the castle then after a look up  the hill at the castle, take a few photos, we then headed back the way we came.    With the tide starting to come in and the beach slowly disappearing our return journey back to Low Newton was rather quicker as you can imagine,  once back a drink or 2 at the Ship Inn before heading home.

sealing yourself from the wind

nice flat firm sand to walk on

bit of wildlife to spot on the walk

some of the upper track is rather muddy

Below the Castle - Lava rock in view

made it to the castle

best speed up we are loosing the beach

Go to Northumberland to get Yorkshire Crisps

well deservered pint

where's the beach gone

last view of where we have walked.


  1. Looking good! You make me feel very lazy though..
    Love, Debs x

  2. yeah you only walk up the hill and then slide down back down, I am walking up and down... lol